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We want to put Wellbeing at the heart of learning

AFA Education

Achievement for all is a leading not for profit organisation that works in partnership with education and support agencies to improve outcomes for all children and young people regardless of their background, challenge or need.

Our Founder

Sonia Blandford

Sonia Blandford’s engagement with Achievement for All 3As has been profound, rooted in her personal and professional stories.  In the coming months her role within AfA will change but not diminish her commitment to both the AfA mission in support of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people, and to developing a mutual understanding of social mobility.

“Imagine a world where everyone engaged with music every day; this is a world that begins at birth and is lost to many by the end of school, join the AfA competition and open music to all.”

AFA Education

Karen Iles – Acting CEO

Karen has a strong background in the education sector, with a particular focus on the improvement of outcomes for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Pupil Premium. Since being awarded a SEN diploma in 2002, and the National Professional Qualification for Headship in 2004, she has worked as Strategic Lead for SEN Improvement at Gloucestershire County Council leading the South West hub delivery on Achievement for All, Lead for Gloucestershire Initial Teacher Training Provider and SEN Advisor for Targeted Intervention for Schools in an Ofsted category.

At Achievement for All, Karen has been a Regional Lead for the South West and now Deputy CEO line managing the team of Regional Leads and Programme Leads who quality-assure the delivery of our Achieving Early, Achieving Schools, Achieving Further and Achieving More * programmes across England and Wales. Since joining the charity she has been directly responsible for the delivery and quality assurance of Achievement for All’s programmes in over 3,000 schools, co-written the Pupil Premium Review, and has spoken at various regional and national events. More recently Emotion Coaching and Achieving Wellbeing programmes have been developed.

” Music is an important part of my life, just as it is for so many others. Whether it is simply listening and enjoying it as a non-musician or actively being involved in the many ways available to us.  I find music a motivator as well as a soother and all young people should have the opportunity to discover what music means to them. We hope that this competition will unlock doors for any young person who is passionate and talented in songwriting”.

Our Approach

Founded in 2011, the mission of Achievement for All is simple: to close the unacceptable gaps at every level of the education system. Empowering young people, as well as their teachers, parents and carers, the charity works to transform lives through personal coaching, professional support, and a leading network of educational experts.

Our Partners

Achievement for all works in collaboration with professionals and services that support children and young people including a range of national and international partners together we can maximise the opportunities and outcomes for all of our pupils and students

Our Ambassadors

We are thrilled to have the support of four wonderful Ambassadors: David Gandy, Joffre White, Kate Grey and Henry Winkler young people in 940 educational settings improving outcomes in reading writing and maths and reducing exclusions by 70%. More details can be found in our impact and annual reports

Our Impact

Achievement for all is profoundly improving the lives and futures of children and young people. In our first five years alone our work reached over 3.86 million beneficiaries. In 2016 we had a positive impact on 45,582 children and young people, 42,244 parents and carers 56,647 teaching professionals and over 1279 schools, early years settings and post 16 providers across England and Wales. During 2017 to 2018 Achievement for All supported 23,704 vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.